The College held a gala to commemorate the "12.9" movement and the student work commendation meeting
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In order to carry forward the spirit of patriotism and cultivate the feelings of home and country, twelve month nine On the evening of June, the College of mechanical engineering held a grand ceremony to commemorate the "12.9" movement and the student work commendation meeting in Xinglongshan campus. The conference was also broadcast online through video number. Liu Jie, Secretary of the Party committee of School of mechanical engineering of Shandong University, Wan Yi, executive vice president and other members of the leading group of the college attended the meeting.

Liu Jie pointed out in his speech that on such a day full of profound historical memory, the college has chosen to hold an art evening to commemorate the "12.9" movement and the students' work commendation meeting, which is not only an education to commemorate and remember the martyrs and carry forward patriotism, but also a secondary education on the study of party history. It is a mobilization meeting for the college's student work and a mobilization meeting for building up morality and cultivating talents, At the same time, it is also the annual summing up meeting of three aspects of education. She pointed out that, two thousand and twenty-one The centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held in 1949. Over the past century, generations of Chinese Communists have been forging ahead and fighting hard to achieve national rejuvenation. two thousand and twenty-one This year also coincides with the centenary of Shandong University and the 95th anniversary of mechanical engineering education. Adhering to the school running tenet of "storing talents for the world and making the country prosperous and strong", the school and college have made great efforts to educate people for the party and the country, implement the fundamental task of cultivating talents for the party and the country, and solidly promote the "three integrity education" and "five education simultaneously" Strive for success, attach equal importance to morality and talent, and forge ahead , In the struggle to show the elegant demeanor of mechanical students in Shanda University.


In his message, Wan Yi extended warm congratulations to the teachers and students who were commended, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the counselors, the new head teachers and all the teachers and students who have worked hard for the college. He reviewed the development achievements of the college in this year, encouraged teachers to strive to be "Four Haves" good teachers. He reviewed the reply letter sent by General Secretary Xi Jinping to the representatives of Huang Danian's teacher team in Colleges and universities across the country, pointing out that it is necessary to be a good guide for students' growth. He put forward three hopes for the students. First, he should love the motherland, have lofty aspirations, and integrate the ego into the big self; Second, we should study hard, be diligent in practice, integrate knowledge with practice, and forge ahead for a manufacturing power; Third, we should develop morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically and laboriously in an all-round way and make positive progress. He said that the College strives to provide what students need for development.



Students and collectives with outstanding performance at provincial, school and college levels were commended by the conference, including model leading class, student work class, advanced individual human and excellent collective. By interviewing the students' representatives, we can set an example among the students and lead the growth direction. Party secretary Liu Jie, executive vice president Wan Yi, vice presidents Jia Cundong and Zhu Hongtao, and deputy party secretaries LV Wei and Liu Yue presented awards to the winners respectively.

The conference was held at the same time as the college two thousand and twenty-one Annual outstanding class teacher commendation and The appointment ceremony of the new head teacher has laid a solid foundation for the solid promotion of "three aspects of education" and the construction of a strong student work team. Liu Jie and Wan Yi presented awards to excellent class teachers and appointment certificates to newly appointed class teachers.

 IMG_ four thousand and fifty-one

The gala is divided into two parts: Patriotism and youth. Counselors and students perform on the same stage. The program is rich and colorful, including recitation, dance, drama, song, band, magic, crosstalk, sketch and other forms, which fully demonstrates the vigorous youth style.

All the counselors, class teachers and the representatives of the commended students participated in the activities. In order to strictly implement the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the "12.9" sports gala and student work commendation meeting were carried out online and offline simultaneously, and the live video was obtained three point five Ten thousand likes.

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