Sinotruk 2018 Tongli master's mid term assessment report will be carried out smoothly
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two thousand and twenty-one year seven month three bgmbgmbgm老太太交完整版_该上公交车了英语_萝稚嫩紧窄h发泄 视频 two thousand and eighteen Mid term assessment report meeting for master's students with the same educational level, from sinotruk group sixty-seven Participants participated in the interim report. The meeting was presided over by Jia Cundong, vice president of the college, and Li Zhanshan, Human Resources Department of SINOTRUK group, attended the mid-term assessment report meeting.

Li Zhanshan puts forward strict requirements for the next step of thesis progress of Tongli master's students: first, he hopes that the students will always work hard to strengthen the contact with their tutors, closely combine with the scientific and technological problems urgently needed to be solved in the actual production of the group, overcome the scientific research problems, and complete the project research and dissertation writing as soon as possible; Second, we should strictly abide by academic norms and ethics; Third, we should apply what we have learned to make greater contribution to the development of the group. Jia Cundong, vice president of the college, delivered a speech and showed the students two thousand and eighteen A graduate degree certificate graduated from the top of the class greatly encouraged the confidence of the students. Professor Yuan Guoqiang, director of the graduate training office of the college, carefully explained the points for attention and requirements in the topics selection, writing, blind examination and defense of the thesis, and pointed out the direction for the students' work in the paper stage.

Interim assessment by nine The tutor assessment team composed of professors with rich engineering practice experience was divided into three groups for assessment. The students of SINOTRUK made a serious report on the research content, research progress, paper writing plan and problems encountered in the process of research. The tutors gave detailed guidance and answers to the students on the research content, direction, depth, technical route, research scheme and existing problems of the project.

The students of SINOTRUK gave high praise to the mid-term assessment. It is believed that the mid-term assessment held this time is timely, targeted and fruitful, which greatly promotes the enthusiasm of the students for the paper research, encourages the morale, and strengthens the confidence. In particular, it further clarifies the direction of the paper research and obtains the key to solve the problems, which provides a strong driving force for the further research of the paper. Students have said that they must seize the time, take the first graduate student as an example, redouble their efforts to complete the project research and master's thesis writing as soon as possible.


Speech by Jia Cundong, vice president of the College              

Speech by Li Zhanshan, Human Resources Department of SINOTRUK group

Mid term assessment report

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