Key Laboratory

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education

The college has a Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education, "Key Laboratory of efficient and clean machinery manufacturing Ministry of education".

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education (Shandong University)

Key Laboratory of high efficiency and clean mechanical manufacture (Shandong University), Ministry of Education

Department in charge: Ministry of Education

Supported by Shandong University

Approval time: December 2008

Acceptance time: April 2011

Brief introduction of "Key Laboratory of efficient and clean machinery manufacturing Ministry of education"

Focusing on the theory and method of environmental protection and efficient processing and manufacturing and its application, this paper carries out research on relevant theories, methods and applications from four main research directions: efficient and clean processing theory and method, green design and manufacturing, energy-saving mechanical equipment design, mechanical and electrical equipment and control. The theoretical method and technical application system of high efficiency, clean, energy-saving, precision and Compound Innovation Design and manufacturing are established. It focuses on interdisciplinary research and comprehensive research, focuses on important theories, methods and technical issues in this field, cutting-edge issues in science and technology and national major project requirements as the main research contents, and takes the acquisition of original innovation achievements and independent intellectual property rights as the main goal. Further strengthen discipline construction, pay attention to the cooperation and exchange with domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutes, and devote to the cultivation of innovative high-level talents in the field of efficient and clean machinery manufacturing. After 3-5 years of construction, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education of the Ministry of education has been built into a training base for senior professionals, a scientific innovation research base and a high-tech achievements transformation base, which is domestic leading and has a certain influence in the world under the framework of the school's innovative talent training system and scientific and technological innovation system. After 5-10 years of construction, the Key Laboratory of "efficient and clean machinery manufacturing" has reached the level of State Key Laboratory.   undefined   undefined

Key Laboratory of Shandong Province

The college has two key laboratories in Shandong Province

High efficiency precision manufacturing technology and equipment

Computer aided design

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