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Secretary of the Party committee

Liu Jie

Presided over the overall work of the college Party committee, in charge of organization, confidentiality and consciousness State work, serve Shandong And in-service education, undergraduate enrollment and education development.

Institute of industrial design, Department of industrial design, undergraduate

Angle AB with Wanyi

Executive Vice-President


Presided over the overall administrative work of the college, in charge of personnel, personnel, finance, discipline construction and development planning, confidentiality work.

Institute of mechanical manufacturing and automation, Department of manufacturing science and engineering, graduate student

Vice President

Yao Peng

In charge of graduate education, degree program construction and internationalization, assist Talents (foreign teachers).

CAD/CAM Graduate and undergraduate students in grade three

And song Qinghua are each other's AB angles

Jia Cundong

In charge of assets, laboratory construction and management, network construction and maintenance, office, organ management, logistics, security, trade union, teachers' Congress, on-the-job education and other work, and concurrently serve as the director of service management center and director of in-service education center.

Digital Technology Research Institute, experimental center, intelligent manufacturing department, first year undergraduate students

Angle AB with Zhu Hongtao

Song Qinghua

In charge of scientific research organization and cooperation, postdoctoral, scientific research project confidentiality, assist discipline construction and development planning, teacher team construction.

Mechanical design and Theory Research Institute, intelligent manufacturing department, undergraduate students in Grade Four

Zhu Hongtao

He is in charge of undergraduate education, experimental teaching, international cooperation in running schools, undergraduate enrollment and education development, and concurrently serves as the director of the experimental teaching center of mechanical foundation.

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Institute, sophomore

deputy Party secretary

LV Wei

In charge of teachers' Ideological and political work, postgraduate ideological and political education and management, United Front work, retirement, alumni work, and assist in undergraduate enrollment and education development.

Institute of process equipment and control engineering

He and Liu Yue are each other's AB angles

Liu Yue

In charge of Ideological and political education and management of undergraduates, Communist Youth League, discipline inspection, publicity, female workers and family planning work, and assist in ideological work.

Institute of vehicle engineering

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